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Friday, January 4, 2008

The New Year

The New Year brings forth many opportunities for change and growing, and I am feeling more confident than ever in this 2008! I have vowed to make and post at least 1 thing a month. I will keep my etsy shop well stocked (still no camera, so no update). I will de-clutter and simplify my life and home. I will take care of me. I will indulge myself and splurge occasionally on things for me (sorry kids, you have way to much anyway). These are the things I believe I can actually commit to, so here it goes.

Since I am still having camera issues, I leave you with this pic of #1,3, and 4. Please don't look to closely at the mess of the dvd case behind them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am sooooo hurt! I lived in Norfolk for 11 years...moved this past august and never knew of such a thing as Craft Mafia or Etsy. Now I'm in cold Ohio, missing my Hampton Roads family, only to find out that I could have found my tribe there a long time ago...oh well.
Well, it's lovely to 'meet' you. I'm also a thirty-something mom (of 3) in the mind of a twenty-something, and I'm also on ETSY. jesplayin.etsy.com.