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Sunday, November 11, 2007


So, it's been a while since i have posted, and what you may wander have I been doing. Well, in short everything. So this post will be long, and hopefully I will be forgiven by the blog world for neglect. The first thing that has happened since my last post is #4 celebrated his 3rd birthday...he is my mircale baby, born 2 months early and weighing in at barely 4lbs. Here he is on the respirator under the warming lights in the hospital after he got an infection.

And now 3 yrs later, he's still small but nothing else seems to be wrong....this is one of the reasons that i believe in miracles.

Ahhh...and of course, who could get forget halloween. This is the 1st year that the kids really got into it, #1 and #2 are too old to go trick or treating, so it was all about #3 and #4. They were all ready to go, but at about the 10th house someone answered the door in a scary mask and they were ready to go home.
Batman 1

Batman 2

There were not any Robin costumes and I did not have time to make one, and noone wanted to be Superman. So, I ended up with 2 Batmans.

Oh, and there was a wedding....#3's godmother got married....it was a nice wedding in a beach house...#3 was the ring bearer. It was nice and quick and to the point. The funny thing is I have never ever been to a wedding. In all of my 3xxxxx years on earth not one of my friends have had a wedding. Wierd. So, this was a nice experience. So Congrats to D and K....I hope they have many long happy years together.

And last but not least...The Handmade Parade...my every 1st craft show. It was hosted by the Norfolk Craft Mafia. It was great. I did really well for my 1st show. It was so nervous for the show. What if I don't sell anything? What if I don't have enough stuff? What if noone comes? Well I was so stressed the night before the show I was up early and made 5 aprons just in case. My goal was to try and at least get back the fee of the show(which I did). There were sooooo many people there, all I can say is it was a great experience and I can't wait till next year. These are some really crappypictures of my table and my sons in their great ballon hats. The baloon artist was amazing. If you live in this area you have to book him for a party. I have never ever seen any ballons like he made. Way beyond the corny poodle. By the way, that's a turtle and a reindeer.

and that has been the last 2 months.....I have the SSCS swap going on, I can't reveal the gift just yet, but I will have pics soon and off it will be........to ??????-can't tell you that, then it wouldn't be a secret. Until next time.

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