Welcome to the monster house, which is tended by me, mom of 4, student, baker, crafter, laundry queen, maid, taxi driver, referee, lego wrangler, glue keeper, master of the mop, fixer of all that is broken, and the list goes on......

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Well there doesnt seem to be much going on here,does it? There was the accident.

but that's been fixed now. What an ordeal for such a little fender bender. Well hopefully my little camera will hold out and there will be a huge mega updated to my etsy shop this weekend-I mean it's only been never that I have updated it. We'll have to wait and see.
I went back to work about 3 months ago, and it seems that when I have a specified time to get things done, more things get done. I wonder if anyone else has come to this realization. There has been crafting going on, just not enough time to photograph it. I promise to be true to my little blog and I vow that I will be a better parent to it for the upcoming new year. I guess that will be my first New Years resolution. Who else is going to take the challenge?

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