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Monday, February 23, 2009

I love SALES

So, a few weeks ago I got this email that one of Waldenbooks stores was closing in the area and they were having a sale. I thought about and decided to stop in briefly and boy was I glad that I did. Everything that was on clearance was being sold for $1.00 and everything else was 40%off. I racked up on some great books for the kids and a couple for myself as well...lets just say that I had to have 2 boxes carted to my car, but it was well worth it.....here are some of my finds.....
The sewing books were 40% off but can you believe the dangerous and daring set, they are hardback and there was the one for boys and girls and regular $45.00, but I got them for $1.00, some of the other favorites that were a dollar can be found here, here, and here...I got all 3, for a 1.00 each. The only bad thing is that they are so cool that I don't even let the boys look at them alone for fear they may come to harm.
I just love love love sales.

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