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Monday, July 16, 2007

What have I been doing.....

Okay, so I am back, trying to fit in a post while the kids are at vacation bible school. I posted awhile back about the swap that I was doing, and although I got the package from L. about a week ago I had not posted any pics of anything. I do want to let everyone know that I am not a photographer, I look at all the pics out there in blogworld and ooh and ahh. I wish. That will be on my list of things to do right after I master the sewing machine. So here is a sample of some of the great fabrics that L. graced me with.

She also sent me lots of zippers and bindings...she hooked me up. Thanks!!!!!

I also made my very 1st messenger bag, and I must say I am proud of myself for this one. This is for son #3 who saw all the tote bags, but could not bring himself to have pink. I had this Shrek fabric for a while so I decided to see what I could do. If you look closely, you'll see that the lining is from the green striped fabric sent to me by L. (I couldn't wait to use it). It has an adjustable strap courtesy of velcro and a great pocket on the front. My son loves it, and friends have put in there orders. I guess I should get cutting :)

and, last but not least.....I am floored by how well (neat) the homes of fellow bloggers are, and have come to realize that mine will never look like that. Here is how #3 and #4's room looked yesterday when I went upstairs.

To which #3 advised that his brain told him to do and wouldn't let him clean it up. That boy is genius...now we will just have to wait and see if it's an "evil genius". Either way I got to clean it up and now it looks like this.......

Which is much better than yesterday for now. Man they have a lot of stuff.

I also made my a couple of pyramid bags, but darn that camera the batteries have died, and I am too lazy to go to the store right now and get more. So, that will have to come later.

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Chookyblue said...

you just joined my swap can you email me your details....thanks